I also run

Shooting Myself in the Foot (with Unakite Healing Crystal Toe Ring)

A laser cut, steel outline of my foot attached to a field target. Then, repeatedly fired at with steel BBs.



Wile E. Coyote Regrets Killing the Road Runner (Pietà)

Wile E. Coyote Misses The Chase So, He Gets Drunk, Alone At The Bar


Wile E. Coyote Falls Farther Into the Abyss of Self- Pity



Mark Twain described the coyote as "a living, breathing allegory of Want."


Sculpture for Marie (that Marie can’t see because she’s nearsighted and doesn’t wear her glasses)

As my friend and I approached a tram stop we strained our eyes to see the LED sign counting down the minutes until the next one would arrive.

"6 minutes.."

"You can see it from here?"

"Ya. You?"


I realized we legitimately see the world differently. So, I decided to make a work she could never see.

When someone comes within 3 meters of this work they activate a motion sensor, which then triggers the sculpture to quickly

raise its arms, and hide behind a bag it is holding for 30 seconds.



sexy sun

Sexy Sun

Father Time

Father Time

To Robert Breer with Love

These works lead their own lives within the gallery- navigating the space and bumping into walls, sculptures, and feet all the same. While these

works are installed in a space the person who is responsible for cleaning is given paid vacation since these will be doing their work.

Death Takes A Break



Self-Destructive Work #2 (2043)

Self Destructive Work #1 (2017)

These works are a modern day Memento Mori. The content is always the same- a skull overshadowing vitamins or energy drinks. These paintings are

attached to countdown clocks that trigger a small fire when they reach zero. After this the remnants of the charred painting and clock, frozen at zero, are still

on display. The viewer can see themselves in the mirroredframe. I like the idea of an artwork having a lifespan. I wonder how would it change the way

we look at work if we knew its existence was not indefinite?



Lazy Painting (#5- Self Portrait)

I didn't call this work a self portrait until it was pointed out to me that this is how I looked everyday in

Porto. I guess I can see it…

Lazy Painting (#6)

Now and then, my art handler friends, on their break, will send me pictures as they have a coffee with a priceless work of art they are in the

middle of packing. I wondered about an artwork taking a break from it’s job.


Phoenix Ashtray




Studio Sitcom
00:12:18 duration

As the artist walks in there is applause, as they drop something there is laughter, as they make a brushstroke

there is cheering, another brushstroke provokes booing.



Studentenfutter (Laughing Painting)

A small speaker is recessed into the wall and hidden behind a watercolor painting. The speaker is connected to a motion sensor

that is hung from the ceiling, directly above the painting. When someone approaches the painting, the speaker is triggered and

plays a recording of laughter. The painting laughs at it’s viewer. I always think of this work as the grandchild of Ad

Reinhardt’s cartoon of the canvas saying, “What do you represent?”





Cassidy Empfehlung (#1)

On April 27, 2017 one of my drink specials was offered for sale.
This special was a glass of beer foam garnished with lemon.

Capri Bar
Inselstrasse 79, 4057 Basel







Reclining Figure #1

When I was a teenager I went to the Hirshhorn Museum on a school trip. I saw a middle-aged woman stumble over one of Mona Hatoum’s Rubber

Mat sculptures on the floor. The room went silent, the woman was mortified, and the guard stood there with his jaw dropped. Somehow, every person

in the room had witnessed this incident. Collectively, we all stood there in disbelief. Then, everything just went on as usual.

Years later I carved a sculpture of a reclining woman into a piece of alabaster. The resulting sculpture was

placed in the middle of the gallery and once a day, at an unspecified time, I trip over it like Buster Keaton.




Gift #2 (Soulmate Soda)

This is the second painting in a series of ‘gift’ paintings. Contractually, this work of art may, at no point, have any monetary value assigned

to it. The person who is given the work of art becomes it's legal guardian for the duration of a year. After that point it is up to them to

give the work to its next legal guardian. This process continues indefinitely. Each guardian signs a legally binding contract.




Painting for Eshu

Painting for Eshu consists of two paintings. Each painting has a black and white hat painted in the middle. Behind each painting is an

offering to Eshu in the form of liquor and candy.The paintings are never hung together. Instead one painting is displayed for one day. The

next day it is taken down and the other painting is placed exactly where the other one was. This cycle continues for the duration of their

display. No one should mention the paintings are switched everyday.

In Yoruba mythology Eshu is a trickster god. In one story Eshu makes a hat that is black on one side and white on the other. He walks down the

middle of the street wearing his hat. People on one side of the street say his hat is black. People on the other side of the street say his hat is

white. Eventually both sides begin to brawl and the street turns to chaos as the people are unable to settle on the color of Eshu's hat. At

this point Eshu takes his hat off and shows both sides they were right.




Stick Figures

This is a small selection of an ongoing series of graphite drawings.



I have a real CV. If you want it just e-mail me.

I’ve just always felt like people were checking my bloodlines and seeing if I'm up-to-date on my shots.

So this CV is modeled after the American Kennel Club Dog Pedigree Chart.


Bootleg Wish Tree from D.C. (Seems to work)

Small branch stolen from Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree in the Hirshhorn's Sculpture Garden